Vission :

Bringing about positive social change through a net work of Sri Lankans and action plans. 

Mission :

To create and sustain a platform for Sri Lankans expats to voice their concern and take action ,aiming at positive social change on the issue that effect them and their communities in Sri Lanka by way of expats empowerment and mobilization.



Jaffna Muslim Community International(jmc-i)that was formed in 2015 is a non profitable organization presently registered in France .we are an organization made up of Sri Lankan expats representing over eight countries ;their are committed to the common interest of peace, human rights education, and sustainable development to bring about positive and sustainable changes in Sri Lanka.

Education activities.

jmciஇனரால் ஒஸ்மானியாகல்லுரியில் இன்று (22 03 2019) புலமைபரிட்சை முன்னோடிக்கான 2 ஆம் கட்டநிகழ்வு.


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